Welcome Thornton Family Coffee Roasters!

Thonton Family Coffee Roasters Logo
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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Thornton Family Coffee Roasters! Thornton Family Coffee roasters is located in downtown Beaverton and has over 50 years of specialty coffee experience. TFCR is headed by Paul Thornton, his daughter and Rachel and her husband Chris.


We have been working with them over the last several months to dial in blends and single origin coffees we think people will love. We are excited to share the results of our collaboration with current and future clients. Whether you are looking for a dark smoky French roast, or a perfectly roasted Natural Process Ethiopian, TFCR has a coffee for you.


Click here to see our current menu of Thornton Coffees, or click below if you would like to try a sample or have a coffee tasting for your office.


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