Water Avenue Coffee Now Available from Percasso!

Water Avenue Coffee Logo
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The stars have finally aligned and we are excited to welcome Water Avenue Coffee to our menu of stellar local coffee roasters!  Water Avenue Coffee officially opened in late 2009 but the Milletto’s coffee experience goes back much further.  Bruce Milletto founded the Bellissimo Coffee Advisors in 1991, and partnered with his son Matt to open the American Barista and Coffee school in 2003. Water Avenue Coffee is all about supporting our local community and embracing the city of Portland, and we are excited to work with them! Click below if you would like to try Water Avenue Coffee at work!

El Toro

Featuring coffees from Central and South America. The coffee has a chocolatey sweetness with notes of cherries and creamy caramel.


A blend from Central America, South America, and the Pacific Rim, this full-bodied coffee shows notes of dark chocolate and toasted walnut.

Blue Creek

Seasonal coffees from Central and South America are blended together to create a cup that is rich, full-bodied, and wonderfully balanced.


This blend of Central and South American coffees is roasted a bit darker than Water Avenue’s single origins, with notes of baker’s chocolate, walnut, sweet tobacco, and cinnamon.

El Toro Decaf

The water processed version of the classic El Toro Blend is an excellent solution to the decaf conundrum. This coffee has notes of chocolate, toffee, fresh vanilla bean, and smooth buttery finish without the caffeine.

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