Cold Drinks

It's Time For A Cold One

Do you like the idea of a kegerator in the office but want to drink something refreshing AND healthy? Have you run out of kombucha or cold brew right before a big event, and your current service can't get to you until next week? Want to offer the staff cold drinks but aren't sure where to start? Luckily, we have the answer, AND we make it easy!

We have complete kegerator systems: kegs, taps, gas... everything you need for an impromptu afternoon happy hour. Our team provides prompt delivery of kegs and gas normally within 24 hours for uninterrupted service. Don't have a kegerator? No problem! We can provide one at no charge with a small minimum monthly purchase.


Cold Brew

We're fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where we've got more cold brew brands than we can handle! With so many options out there, we know it can be overwhelming; so we took one for the team.  We have tasted and carefully curated a list of our favorites we think you’ll enjoy.

We've got Nitro and Original cold brew from Stumptown - the pioneers of ready-to-drink cold brew.  Looking for a creamy latte-like pour that you swear would have milk in it?  Look no further than the Illumination Cold Brew from local favorite Portland Coffee Roasters.

Kombucha and Tea

Treat your staff (and your body) to a healthy and refreshing drink with one of our many kombucha options. We brought in kombucha a few years ago, thinking it would help keep our kegerators busy when the weather turns from great to grey.  We didn't expect it to become more popular than cold brew...silly us!

Happy Mountain is a local rising star in the kombucha game. Every batch of HMK is brewed with hand-blended tea using a combination of white peony tea, herbs, flowers, spices, and extracts. Simple ingredients and the highest quality tea makes the best kombucha.

Kombucha handles
Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

We've been delivering sparkling water for years; but recently, things have changed.  Talking Rain and San Pellegrino were the standard only a few years ago, and only a few people were interested. LaCroix became the hot thing and before we knew it, cases of bubbly water replaced cases of coke. While we still deliver sparkling water in bottles and cans, our customers love the convenience using of our sparkling water coolers.  The coolers connect to an existing water source and are also attached to a tank of Co2.  The result is unlimited delicious sparkling water without the trips to the store or the bottle drop.  It's the ultimate Eco-friendly solution to single serve water. Just like always, we offer quick service, and deliveries are always free.

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Products We Offer

We invite you to check out all the other ways we bring joy to the office with our popular cold brew and kombucha keg program (kegerators provided), effervescent sparkling water machines, and ice machines. Our drinking water solutions include your choice of filtered water and purified bottled water from The Dalles, Oregon.

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