• Our roasters buy directly from the farmers and pay above market prices. These higher prices help fund clean water, schools, and healthcare to coffee growing regions around the world.
    • Our roasters buy from coffee growers using sustainable practices.  Water processed decaf coffee is available too.
    • We have hot cups, cold cups and cutlery made from corn, sugar, and potato. 100% recycled paper products are also available.
    • Our coffee filters are chlorine free.
    • The products we use to sanitize water coolers and coffee brewers are free from chlorine, phosphate, dye, and they biodegrade easily.
    • We recycle 100% of our cardboard, water bottles, pop cans and office paper.
    • Percasso is a member of the Sustainable Network of Portland’s “Local First: Choose locally owned businesses” campaign. Local companies are part of what makes Portland unique and distinctive.
    • Percasso is committed to providing eco-friendly products to our customers. If you have any suggestions regarding environmentally friendly products that you would like for your office, please let us know!

Extra Resources

Are you interested in break-room composting, or finding other ways to help "green" your office?  Check out the City of Portland's Sustainability at Work program.  They provide free site assessments, employee training, and educational materials.