Ice Machines

Follet Series 7 Ice Machine

Follet Series 7 Ice Machines are perfect for the office or break-room environment.  Standing just under 18 inches tall, the Follet Series 7 will fit in compact spaces and under most cabients putting ice and water in places they wouldn't fit before. The Follet Ice Maker has a capacity to store 7 pounds of soft chewable ice and is capable of producing up to 125 pounds of ice per day.  Water filters are replaced every six months for optimum ice and water quality with uninterrupted service (filter price is not included in monthly cooler rental)

Follet Ice Machine
  • Designed to Serve office populations of up to 50 People
  • Compact Size Will Fit on Counters Under Standard Cabinets
  • No Drain Required
  • Perfect for Iced Coffee Drinks when Paired with our bean to cup brewers
  • Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Sleep Mode
  • Soft, Chew-able, Compressed Nugget Ice
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs are Always Included with of our equipment

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