Brewing Equipment

We install and maintain professional coffee brewing equipment from Wilbur Curtis and bean to cup brewers from Cafection and Bravilor Bonamat. Coffee brewers, coffee filters, and air pots are provided at no charge with a minimum monthly purchase.


Installation of our equipment is provided at no charge. Our trained technicians will properly install our equipment and ensure it is operating properly before they leave. They will also answer any questions you might have about the operation of the coffee brewer. Water filters are installed and replaced regularly (at an additional charge) for the best quality of water for coffee and tea.


Equipment repairs are made in a timely manner to minimize caffeine downtime. If you ever have any questions about the operation of the coffee brewers or you experience a problem, all you have to do is call our Tech Service Department at (503) 460-3861 or email them by clicking here. Please have a brief description of the problem and the name of the person that noticed it just in case we have any questions.


View the photos below to learn more about some of the coffee brewers we have available for your office.

Wilbur Curtis TLP

Wilbur Curtis D500

Wilbur Curtis One Gallon Brewer

Espresso At Work Bravilor Sego

De Jong Duke Nio

De Jong Duke Virtu 92/26