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Kombucha on Tap

Want to provide Kombucha on Tap in the office?  We have kegs of Kombucha from Brew Dr., Happy Mountain, and Humm in stock and ready for delivery. Don't have a kegerator?  No Problem! Contact us to get the Kombucha flowing today!  We can provide everything you need, we even take care of the line cleanings.  Percasso makes it easy to provide Kombucha on Tap for the staff and clients alike.

Kombucha and Tea Handles

Brew Dr. Clear Mind

A brilliant botanical flavor with notes of rosemary and sage. Each herb in the recipe is noted for its ability to assist in mental clarity and focus.

Brew Dr. Happiness

Healthy and refreshing white tea paired with pink rose petals give this drink a soft, floral finish. Another unique member of the Brew Dr. line.

Brew Dr. Lemon Ginger-Cayenne

Potent organic ginger combines with the heat of cayenne pepper in this spicy yet refreshing brew, crafted with green tea and lemongrass.

Brew Dr. Love

Jasmine and lavender combine to create a refreshingly floral brew, popular during warmer months. Of course, Love is good anytime of the year.

Brew Dr. Superberry

Approachable to first-time kombucha drinkers, this flavor balances the subtle sweetness of kombucha with the tart flavors of various berries.

Brew Dr. Citrus-hops

This unique recipe employs white tea leaves and two types of NW hops. The resulting brew is deliciously light, crisp and refreshing. It’s the happiest home for hops since beer. Cheers!

Brew Dr. Herbal Uplift

This brew is loaded with organic herbs from Townshend’s Apothecary line. Ideal for maintaining health and wellness.

Brew Dr. Brew Dr. Mint Lemonade

A light and refreshing kombucha featuring spearmint, peppermint, lemons and green tea. A classic combination, deliciously applied.

Brew Dr. Spiced Apple

As close as kombucha can get to apple pie. Cinnamon, clove and nutmeg combine with dried apple to create a uniquely cider-like experience.

Brew Dr. Strawberry Basil

Deliciously refreshing, the year’s Summer Seasonal combines high-quality green tea with strawberries and two types of basil. The result is a light and fizzy Kombucha with a perfectly balanced flavor from these sun-loving garden favorites.

Humm Blueberry Mint

Blueberry and Mint are a sitcom-worthy odd couple. You’d think two opposites in one bottle would brew more tension than harmony, but they’re totally inseparable.

Humm Mango Passion fruit

You haven’t seen passion until you’ve seen Mango tango with Passion-fruit. These tropical troublemakers could meringue their way past midnight and hula until the sun comes up again.

Humm Lemon Ginger

Being the lemon of the bunch isn’t always a bad thing, especially when that lemon is all wrapped up in a zesty ginger hug. It’s sunshine for your stomach.

Humm Coconut Lime

These two partners in lime know how to rock the boat. Coconut is the straight man to Lime’s livewire, and by their flavors combined, they can get away with just about anything.

Humm Pomegranate Lemonade

Pomegranate and Lemon didn’t hit it off right away. One magical afternoon in the shade of a kombucha vat, they realized they weren’t so different after all.

Humm Hopped Grapefruit

What happens when you get Grapefruit all hopped up? Clear a path. Prepare your taste buds. Prepare your party hats. It’s summertime and Grapefruit’s got a new groove.

Humm Ginger Juniper – low sugar

Sweet, zesty, ginger plays a perfect complement to juniper’s subtle piney notes, which evoke the High Desert where Humm is brewed. 5g of sugar and 25 calories per serving.

Humm Raspberry Hops – low sugar

Raspberry’s tart flavor works in perfect concord with the nuanced earthy, citrusy flavor of hops in this blend. The fresh sweetness of raspberry perfectly balances the slight bitterness of the hops. 5g of sugar and 25 calories per serving.

Happy Mountain Dragon Fruit

Happy Mountain Honeydew Melon

Happy Mountain Spiced Chai

Happy Mountain Lavender White

Happy Mountain Ginger Root

Happy Mountain Peach Blossom

Happy Mountain Hopped Huckleberry