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Percasso is a locally owned and operated company serving the greater Portland Metro area for over 30 years.

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Percasso is a locally owned and operated company serving the greater Portland Metro area for over 30 years. We are experienced at providing your Portland’s locally roasted coffees, cold brew, kombucha, sparkling water, ice machines, drinking water with outstanding customer service and attention to detail.  Our priority is to give you peace of mind while keeping your office crew refreshed.

We’ve selected our roasters based on the quality of the coffee beans and roasting profiles, their relationships with their coffee farmers (small farms, direct purchases) and reputation in the local coffee market. We enjoy supporting our local roasters that represent Portland’s robust coffee scene.  You may choose from a variety of bean-to-cup brewers (with touch-free brewing options) or automatic drip coffee brewers.


Products We Offer

We invite you to check out all the other ways we bring joy to the office with our popular cold brew and kombucha keg program (kegerators provided), effervescent sparkling water machines, and ice machines. Our drinking water solutions include your choice of filtered water and purified bottled water from The Dalles, Oregon.

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Interested in Office Coffee Service?


We believe the fundamentals of good business is simply doing the right thing. We are easy to work with, we are easy to reach and respond to your requests and questions in a timely fashion, and we won’t ask you to sign contracts or pay for hidden fees.



Volunteer Coordinator

“I have had so many positive comments on our new brewer, especially from the tea drinkers; I had no idea it would make such a difference!  I really appreciate your help in assuring that everyone is happy.”


Yelp Review

“Percasso starts my day off right Monday through Friday!  A work day without Percasso would be a very sad day.  They provide coffee, tea and filtered water for our office and never let us go without. They keep all of the equipment in tip top condition and replace or refresh it before it ever looks worn or breaks. Their staff is kind, friendly and knows their coffee beans! Thank you for being so fabulous!”


Yelp Review

“Local coffee and tea vendor.  They will come to your business and let your employees taste test up to six of their flavors. They’ve done this for us twice and it is a huge hit!  It gets the employees involved and then you know they like it.  They also allowed us to sample teas.  They are always friendly and helpful.  They keep the coffee well stocked and they replace the coffee pots timely.  Awesome customer service!  They are reliable, reasonably priced, and best of all – local!  Highly recommended!”


Executive Assistant

“I am an office hero for getting good coffee in and the brewer makes great coffee.  Thanks for all of your work!”


Office Coordinator

“Dear Jeff, Dan, and all our friends at Percasso,Thank you so much for your extraordinary customer service!  When I contacted you about our hot water spigot problem, I though someone would come by to see if the machine was blocked.  Instead, we got a whole new machine, with a hot water spigot that is just great!  We really appreciate your concern about our satisfaction and your commitment to service excellence!”


Yelp Review

“Our office switched to Percasso for bottled water service after several bad experiences with another vendor. As a local, small business we make it a practice to work with other local businesses. From the very first call about 6 months ago to now I have had nothing but excellent things to say about Percasso. Jarrod and our delivery person Ron have gone above and beyond and have always responded immediately with any special requests. At some point we plan to add their coffee and tea service and I know they will always take good care of us. They are awesome and I highly recommend them if you need water, coffee or both!”


Yelp Review

“Excellent service!!!!!!!!  Percasso has been our Coffee/water filters vendor for almost 2 years now and I am still so happy we made the switch to them.  From the very beginning they have been honest, helpful, professional, reliable, and courteous. They make sure our offices are stocked with sugar, creamer, tea, coffee, filters, etc. I never run out of things anymore. It’s really great to have this kind of service. If something goes wrong with one of our hot/cold units they are quick to replace it. If I call because I want to add a different kind of tea to our stock, they swing by the office when they have a minute to drop it off for me. They just really make you feel like you are genuinely important to them. I love that about them.”


Yelp Review

“We use Percasso for an apartment building that we manage. If I ask for something, it’s delivered next day. Always super easy to get someone on the phone and they are always very nice. We’ve been through many of the Portland coffee vendors and the experience has never been this positive.”


Human Resources

“Just so you know, almost everyone here is very pleased with the new coffee we have. Many people have stopped going out and buying it from Starbucks! So anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and quick responses over the last few weeks.”


Office Admin

“I just wanted to say I cannot believe how fast you sent someone out. He was so nice, friendly and fast just like the rest of you. Awesome! I will warn you, you all are spoiling me. Thanks so much again!!”


“We are all appreciative of how accommodating Percasso has been. Great coffee and water… EXCELLENT customer service!!!”


Office Manager

Things are GREAT! We have our entire sales team here this week and we have been going through coffee like CRAZY! We already used both tubs of grounds you gave us! I just refilled them this morning with the extra bags you included, but I’m worried we may run out of coffee again in a week or two!


Everything is PERFECT! I’m so glad we went with your service!


Facilities Coordinator

“You haven’t heard from me lately because everything is always perfect and thank you for that!”


Office Manager

“You have very capable employees, he brought a rack and an extra bottle of water just in case.  We now have 5 bottles, one for the cooler and 4 for the back room.  I wish I would have gotten his name, you need to tell him how happy we were with his anticipation that we may need those extras.”


Yelp Review

“Excellent customer service and great coffee, a little more pricey than competitors but they will go the extra mile, and their coffee is higher quality than other vendors. I would recommend this place if you love good service and coffee!!!”


Yelp Review

“I was tasked with the job of finding a replacement water service for the office after we got fed up with our previous provider.  We wanted bottle-less water service so we wouldn’t have to store bottles, order replacements, and be more environmentally friendly. Our building management has particular rules regarding water hook-up and tubing due to a major leak in the past by another tenant.


I called numerous places to see who could meet the requirements of our building. Not only is Percasso friendly and willing to use less common parts to meet our needs, they are familiar with our building’s requirements and didn’t scoff at my requests.


Their representatives have always been friendly, efficient, and on time. We just had our six-month water filter replacement. I didn’t realize it had been that long since we switched to Percasso, so I was happy they showed up without my needing to call and schedule.


Also, they are less expensive than our previous bottled water service. I wish I wasn’t the only coffee drinker in the office so I could do their coffee service as well. On the same note, Percasso has never pushed us to do a coffee/tea tasting, unlike other companies I had contacted.


Outstanding service and great local company.”

We would love an opportunity to collaborate and tailor a program that works for you and your crew.  Thank you for your interest!