Water & Ice Service

Filtered Drinking Water

A filtered drinking water cooler is an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and convenient way to provide unlimited fresh, clean drinking water. There are no heavy bottles to lift or find places to store. Installation of our equipment is always free and It is connected to your existing water supply. Our low monthly rental includes cooler sanitation, maintenance and any repairs that may come up. All coolers are available in room temperature/cold or hot/cold, and are available in floor standing and counter top styles. If you aren't sure if filtered water service is right for your business, we also offer bottled water service.

Plumbed In Bottleless Cooler
  • Cooler installation, maintenance and repairs are provided at no charge.
  • Coolers are sanitized on a scheduled basis to ensure the best drinking water quality.
  • Water filters are replaced every six months on a scheduled basis (filter price is not included in monthly cooler rental).
  • Cooler repairs are made in a timely manner.
  • Simple billing; all of your billing questions are answered promptly.
  • We don't require any type of contract for service.