Locally Roasted Coffee

We buy coffee from local Portland roasters based not only on the quality, selection, and freshness of their coffee, but also on their principles and sustainable business practices and the opportunity for us to support our local community.


We deliver Portland’s very best locally roasted coffees: Stumptown Coffee, Water Avenue Coffee, Thornton Family Coffee Roasters, Cellar Door Coffee, Portland Coffee Roasters, Central City Coffee, Street Roast, Longbottom, Jim and Patty's Coffee People, and Dapper & Wise. Each of the roasters’ signature styles of sourcing, roasting, and blending coffee allows us the variety and selection to satisfy the individual tastes of your staff and clients now and in the future.  Our roasters deliver their coffee to us the day after roasting so we can provide you the freshest, most aromatic coffee.


Our roasters personally visit the farmers they buy from. The relationships they foster ensure the availability of quality beans for sustainable, organic and environmentally-friendly coffees. These direct purchase arrangements provide the farmers with extra funds to make improvements to their land, sanitation, education and other needed projects.  Buying coffee based on economic and environmental sustainability assures the future availability of quality beans and it allows us all to feel good about being coffee consumers.


Click the logos below to learn more about the coffee roasters that we represent.  Click here to see the coffees that we carry.


We want thank all of our customers who continue to support us! For those currently ordering on a regular basis we have reworked our routing and have started scheduled deliveries again. For some, it doesn’t make sense to populate the office yet but we are truly looking forward to hearing from you upon your return. All of our best to everyone!