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Jim & Patty’s Coffee

Located in NW Portland, Jim & Patty founded their insanely popular and much beloved Coffee People chain in 1975.  "It was called Coffee Man and it evolved into Coffee People in 1983," says Jim.  They made their coffee strong and kept their business mantra simple: "Good coffee. No backtalk."  They expanded to around 40 locations in the Metro area over the years.  Jim and Patty left Coffee People in 1998 to pursue new adventures, only to return in 2002 and open Jim and Patty's Coffee.  Lucky us!

Jim & Patty's Coffee Logo


We want thank all of our customers who continue to support us! For those currently ordering on a regular basis we have reworked our routing and have started scheduled deliveries again. For some, it doesn’t make sense to populate the office yet but we are truly looking forward to hearing from you upon your return. All of our best to everyone!