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Espresso at Work- Bravilor Sego

Bravilor Bonamat's Sego Series is a self-serve, bean-to-cup espresso machine. Designed to meet the demand for fresh, high-quality drinks such as Espressos, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Mochas, Hot Chocolates, Lattes and more. The Sego is simple to operate in the office, car dealerships, apartment lounges, or lunchroom. Drink selections are made via touch screen and the low profile allows for easier placement in kitchens and pantries with clearance restrictions. This also means that it's the perfect solution for smaller offices looking for a bean to cup brewing system.

Sego Espresso Machine

Features That Keep the Coffee Flowing.

  • Brewing by the cup reduces waste, no more wasted afternoon pots of coffee.
  • The Sego uses 9 bars of pressure to create true espresso drinks.
  • Paperless brewing is a more eco-friendly option, the waste from the Bravilor is all compostable.
  • Regular cleaning, scheduled maintenance, installation and repairs are always included with our service.
  • Roaster Approved Drink Recipes
  • Designed for Smaller Offices, waiting rooms, and car dealerships (20+ people)
  • One Whole bean canister, one milk canister, and one for cocoa.

Brewing Equipment You Can't Go Without

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