Bunn Refresh

Sparkling water has been quickly gaining in popularity.

In just the last year we saw a huge shift away from colas and soft-drinks and into sparkling water, both flavored and plain. This has also led to an increase in the amount of waste and recycling in the office.

The Bunn Refresh is an Eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to single serve sparkling water.

Offices that go through more than a case of sparkling water per day will immediately notice the savings! The Bunn Refresh can handle the demand of larger offices while providing the best bubbles of any carbonated water dispenser we have found on the market. Take a pitcher of sparkling water into a meeting, or fill up your water bottle before heading home!
Sparkling Water
Bunn Refresh in Kitchen

Installation of our equipment is provided at no charge,

We only charge for the water filter we install with the cooler, and the canister of Carbon Dioxide which is required for operation. The monthly rental includes cooler sanitation, maintenance, and repairs. As always, we don't require any contracts for service.  Click below to get in touch and see if the Bunn Refresh is right for your office.

Add a Splash of Monin Concentrated Syrups or a Packet of True Citrus to Create a Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Sugary Soft Drinks.  Take your drinks to the next level with locally crafted concentrates from Pearl Soda Company and Portland Syrups.

Other sparkling, filtered, and bottled water options are available here.