Percasso is Excited to Announce Brian Dibble as Our New General Manager!

Brian in Nahala Guatemala
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Percasso is excited to announce Brian Dibble as our new General Manager.


Brian has been with us for about a year and chances are you have seen him making deliveries, providing office coffee tastings, or have spoken with him on the phone!


Brian began his coffee career in 1980 as a delivery driver for Coffee Bean International and eventually became the Plant Manager. From 1984 through 1992 Brian and his wife ran their business called “St Johns Coffee Company.” In 1989 he joined Kobos Coffee to ramp up production and lead a new wholesale division and in 2001 became a partner.


Since 2004, Brian has been a board member for the Café Femenino Foundation which raises money to enhance the lives of women and their families in the remote coffee communities around the world. Brian’s skill set as a coffee roaster, taster, and buyer is a welcome addition to the Percasso team, adding years of experience to our knowledgeable team.


Welcome Brian!