Dapper and Wise Coffee is now available for Portland Offices!

Dapper & Wise
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Percasso is proud to offer Dapper and Wise Coffee!

Dapper and Wise has been sourcing and roasting some of the best coffees in the world…and they do it in the suburbs! They take coffee, not themselves, seriously; using coffee as the medium to build relationships for the workplace and the home. If you would like to have Dapper & Wise delivered to your office, click the button below and get in touch!

Bonfire Blend

If you like your coffee dark, you will love this blend. Bonfire is roasted to be smoky, rich, and bold.

Stag Espresso Blend

This blend was created to taste great as espresso. This coffee is delicious on it’s own and strong enough to punch through milk. Notes of port wine, milk chocolate, orange zest, and port wine.

Highbrow Blend

This season blend is designed to be sweet and balanced. Notes of walnut, dark chocolate, and cola.

Tortoiseshell Blend

This blend is named for it’s distinct color, this coffee is roasted medium-dark. It has notes of brown sugar, nutmeg, and buttered toast.