Dairy Alternatives: A Guide for Coffee

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Pacific Foods Organic Milk Alternatives

Organic Soy, Almond, and Coconut Milk

Dairy alternatives have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Not long ago, if you went into a coffee shop and ordered a specialty drink like a latte or mocha with dairy-free milk, soy was the only option.  As more people began to avoid dairy for dietary or personal reasons, more options became available. Almond, hemp, soy and coconut milks have been greatly increasing in popularity as well as the quality. Did you have a question about our dairy alternatives? Click the button below for more information.

Pacific Foods Barista Series

Barista Series

Pacific Foods changed the game and gave us the Barista Series line of milk alternatives. The Barista Series is specially formulated to work well with coffee, both hot and cold. The milks all steam beautifully and have a texture that's close to mimicking their dairy counterpart. The soy steams the thickest, the almond seems to have the most fans based on flavor, and coconut is a great option for those with nut or soy allergies. We love the fact that the products are produced locally and the cartons are 100 percent recyclable.  The milk alternatives are also shelf stable meaning they don't require any type of refrigeration until they are opened. Not only does this free up valuable office fridge space, but it also helps in the reduction of single use plastics.  Click on the button below to request the Barista Series on your next delivery.

Oatly Barista Edition


In 2017, things changed again when  Oatly started to show up in cafes. This new beverage was made from soaking oats and contains no nuts, no gluten and is dairy free.  Word spread and before we knew it...everyone had to have this new oat milk.

We've put off carrying Oatly for some time. This wasn't due to the quality of product (it's one of Jarrod's favorite dairy alternatives) but because of it's lack of availability. Back in late 2018, there was a supply issue so bad, that some people in the coffee industry called it  "The Great Oatly Shortage". Supply couldn't keep up with demand and the price people were asking per carton was astronomical.  There were reports of single quarts of Oatly going for $25.00 on Amazon! They have since ramped up production and now that the supply has stabilized; we felt it was the right time to add it to our menu.  Want to serve Oatly in your office?  Click the button below to get things started.