Now delivering Street Roast Coffee

Street Roast Coffee Logo
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Percasso is proud to offer Street Roast Coffee!

This coffee is a true stimulus package: for every pound sold $3.33 goes directly to Street Roots, a nonprofit that creates opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Street Roast is about shining a light on these vendors and humanizing the homeless experience and creating understanding. They use coffee to illuminate the stories of the amazing people who experience homelessness. Here are the three coffees available for delivery to offices.

Alchemy Blend (The Poet)

A dynamic coffee with notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla an element of surprise to awaken the muse.

Colombia Nariño (The Artisan)

A juicy, caramel body; a bright, citrus acidity; and notes of cane sugar, dried apricot and citrus fruits.  This origin of this coffee changes seasonally.

Bold Roast (The Messenger)

This hearty blend triggers the senses and prepares you for the tasks ahead.

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