Kegerators and Cold Brew Coffee Kegs are Now Available for Delivery!

Beverage Air Kegerator
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Do you want to provide Cold Brew Coffee in your office, but aren’t sure what to do?  We can provide everything you need!   Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps.
  1. We will provide a Kegerator

We will provide a commercial grade kegerator from Beverage Air with all stainless fittings and one or two dispensing faucets; it’s your choice and there is no price difference between the two.  Monthly rental is based on the average number of kegs delivered per month. Installation, line cleaning, and maintenance commercial grade Beverage air kegerators are provided at no additional charge.

  1. We Deliver Kegs

All of our kegs are 1/6th barrel, or 5 gallons; that’s about 80, eight-ounce servings.  Our current cold brew selections include:

  • Stumptown – Original Cold Brew
  • Stumptown – Nitro Cold Brew
  • Stumptown – Single Origin Cold Brew
  • Portland Roasting – Nitro Cold Brew
  • Riff Cold Brew
  1. We’ll Deliver Gas Cylinders

Gas is necessary to push the liquid in the kegs through the draft lines.  All cold brew coffee keg products and Smith Masala Chai require 100% nitrogen.  Kombucha and Strawberry Honeybush Sparkling Iced tea require 100% Co2.  We also take care of the necessary scheduled product line cleanings.

It’s that easy! If you need more information or would like to have a kegerator in your office, contact us today.

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