Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewers

Percasso Swirl

Portland Is known across the country for our exceptional local coffee roasters.  Our job at Percasso is to make it simple for you to brew great coffee in your office!  Every once in a while we get asked if we offer the Keurig single cup brewers.  In short the answer is no and here are three key reasons why:


Environmental Impact

The coffee in K-cups is roasted in commercial batches over 3000 miles from Portland. The cups are made of non-biodegradable plastic (yeah for hot plastic!), a paper filter, and a foil top. Once filled, these cups sit at a warehouse waiting to be transferred across the country to distribution centers, then out to the retail store nearest you. Contrary to what you might hear, the cups are not recyclable! Every year there are over 3 billion K-cups purchased, so if you stacked those cups end to end it would reach 83,000 miles!

With Percasso’s service, the coffee we deliver to your office is locally roasted in small batches here in Portland. The coffee is roasted at a lower temperature for longer periods of time.  This allows the sweetness and nuances of the coffee to develop. Both the coffee filters we provide and the coffee, are compostable.



Keurig sources their coffee from “exotic coffee-producing regions throughout the world”, but make no mention of the farmers and their communities. Once the coffee is roasted, it is allowed to de-gas and is then packaged. The box has a 12 month sell by date, which means by the time is finally gets to you, the coffee could be several months old. The biggest thing you will notice happens when you brew a cup of coffee. A needle punctures the foil pack and pressurized hot water is injected into the cup. There is not enough contact time to properly extract the coffee leaving you with a cup that tastes watery or weak.

With Percasso’s service, the 9 coffee roasters we represent can all trace their coffee back to the farm of origin. Our roasters develop long term relationships with the farmers, their families and work with their communities to improve their lives.  These improvements come by way of building water wells in East Africa, supplying construction supplies to build a primary school in Papua New Guinea and supporting the Cafe Femenino Foundation, a collective of women coffee farmers, some of whom have been abandoned or abused.

We place our coffee orders weekly and it’s delivered to us the day after being roasted. The coffee brewing equipment we provide to you is professional and commercial grade quality. We check that the brewers reach the correct water temperature and are programmed for the correctly so you’ll get an excellent cup of coffee every time.



Most offices work within a budget for their coffee service.  The $0.50 – $1.00 per cup pricing for K-cups might seem quite enticing, a bargain really. This is one of those times when it seems too good to be true because it is! Using only 8 grams of coffee per cup, k-cup coffee costs over $50 dollars per pound!

With Percasso’s service, your per cup cost can range anywhere from $0.23 – $0.50 per cup! This is a huge savings that comes with a much higher quality coffee.

Contact us and let us show you how easy it can be to brew the best coffee in Portland, right in your office. From our digital Wilbur Curtis coffee brewers to our bean to cup machines, we have the right brewer for you.

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