Jim and Patty’s Coffee

Jim & Patty's Coffee Logo
Percasso Coffee & Bottled Water Service Inc. is proud to offer Jim and Patty’s Coffee!
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We have some new coffee available for delivery to your office. We now have the Backtalk Blend, Our House in regular and decaf, and Red Tiger available for delivery directly to your office!

In 1975, Jim and Patty Roberts founded their insanely popular, much-beloved Coffee People chain in NW Portland. “It was called Coffee Man and it evolved into Coffee People in 1983,” says Jim. They made their coffee strong and kept their business mantra simple: “Good coffee. No backtalk.”  Longtime Portlanders will remember the chain expanded to around 40 locations in the Metro area over the years, including one on NW 23rd that was so popular, the Roberts’ had to open another cafe across the street to handle the overflow. Since it wasn’t far from Legacy Good Samaritan hospital, they dubbed it the Immediate Care Center.

Jim and Patty left Coffee People in 1998 to pursue new adventures, only to return in 2002 and open Jim and Patty’s Coffee. Now they have three locations including one in NW Portland across the street from Good Samaritan. Yep… it’s called Jim and Patty’s Coffee: Immediate Care Center. Lucky us!

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