Japanese Style Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee
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Percasso Coffee & Bottled Water Service Inc. is excited to introduce a new way to make iced coffee in your office.  You can Make Japanese Style Iced or Flash Brewed Coffee at work!

Japanese style iced coffee or Flash Brewed Coffee is made by brewing a concentration of coffee directly onto ice. The melting ice contributes to the total volume without diluting the final brew. Immediate cooling from the ice locks in flavors and aromatics that other iced coffee processes allow to escape. This is ready to drink and is lighter and brighter when compared to traditional cold brew coffee.

The best part about this process it that it works with our coffee brewing equipment, all you need to do is supply the ice!

Use your favorite coffee from any of our local roasters and you can brew iced coffee right in your office in just minutes. Some of our favorites for making iced coffee include: Jim and Patty’s Back Talk Blend, Stumptown French Roast, and Portland Roasting House. The best part is you that don’t need to steep grounds for hours or even overnight. We provide instructions and a brewing vessel at no charge.  We can even come by and show you how to make it!

Do you want to serve iced coffee to your staff and clients? Contact us today and we will get you set up with everything that you need!