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El Toro – Light Roast

Steadying the ship, El Toro is the flagship blend from Water Avenue. Featuring coffees from Central and South America, this blend is sourced and roasted for an exceptional espresso, drip, press pot, and pour over. The coffee has a chocolatey sweetness with notes of cherries and creamy caramel.

Boxcar– Dark Roast

Boxcar is a blend of Central and South American Coffees that are roasted a bit darker than Water Avenue's single origin offerings.  A true toast to the Central East-side, this coffee is there for you in the early morning when the train horn is just not enough to wake you up.  Complex and well rounded with notes of bakers chocolate, walnut, sweet tobacco, and cinnamon.


Blue Creek – Medium Roast

Water Avenue Coffee's passion for clear and clean waterways in Oregon insipre this house blend and morning cup of choice.  Seasonal coffees from Central and South America are blended together to create a cup that is rich, full-bodied, and wonderfully balanced.  Enjoy notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate, and a hint of navel orange.


Canoe - Medium Roast

The Canoe blend is a sophisticated yet versatile blend inspired by adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Coffees from Central America, South America, and the Pacific Rim are blended together to produce this rich and satisfying, full-bodied cup. Enjoy notes of dark chocolate and toasted walnut.


El Toro Decaf- Medium Roast

The water processed version of our classic El Toro Blend is an excellent solution to the decaf conundrum. This coffee has notes of German chocolate, toffee, fresh vanilla bean, and smooth buttery finish without the caffeine. Perfect for every brewing method.