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Warrior Woman - Medium Roast

Cane sugar sweetness and ripe plum blend with a clean and velvety body.

Punk Princess - Dark Roast

Comprised of Pacayal coffee beans grown in La Paz, Honduras, this edgy sweet, nutty, milk chocolatey Honduran coffee, highlights the most punk rock qualities of this balanced dark roast!

Gutsy Goddess - French Roast

This blend of beans from Colombia and Tanzania is designed to please lovers of dark roast coffee. It’s Roasted at high temperatures allowing the natural sugars to caramelize, producing a smooth yet full-bodied coffee with rich chocolate sweetness and notes of spice in the finish.

Serene Sorceress - Decaf Medium Roast

The flavor profile is predominately characterized by chocolate and is accompanied with a hint of floral tones. Using the Mountain Water Process, no chemicals are used during decaffeination.