Kegs & Cold Brew

Stumptown Cold Brew

Original Stumptown Cold Brew

A bright and bold cold brew, straight from the tap. Requires 100 percent nitrogen to dispense. Available in 5-gallon kegs and 12-packs of 10.5 ounce bottles.


Single Origin Cold Brew

Cold brewing brings out some of the brightest and sweetest flavor notes of each coffee. Stumptown features a rotating cast of single origin coffees that really shine through with this brew method. Requires 100 percent nitrogen to dispense.  Available in 5-gallon kegs.


Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is cascading and creamy with all of the giddy-up of Stumptown's original cold brew coffee and a smooth nitro-draft mouthfeel. Requires 100 percent nitrogen to dispense. Available in 5 gallon kegs, and 12-packs of 11 ounce cans.

Stumptown Cold Brew


We want thank all of our customers who continue to support us! For those currently ordering on a regular basis we have reworked our routing and have started scheduled deliveries again. For some, it doesn’t make sense to populate the office yet but we are truly looking forward to hearing from you upon your return. All of our best to everyone!