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Coffee House Blend - Medium Roast

Medium bodied and buttery with a subtle roasty aroma and taste, while still having distinction from the light and dark.  A solid crowd-pleasing medium roasted blend reminding you of the local coffee house.

Roasters Choice - Medium Roast

A medium roasted upscale blend with a slightly oily sheen, this is a very well balanced blend of Central, South American, and Ethiopian beans.  The distinction between roast levels gets a little fuzzy her because some fans of this blend call it light, some call it medium, and some dark.

Jollop Java - Medium/Dark Roast

A blend of Central and South American coffees roasted just dark enough to give these beans an oily sheen and subtle dark roast experience - sweet, smooth and buttery.  It's a blend that wakes you up ready to dance!

Classic French Roast- Dark Roast

Re-live the taste of the 90's with this classic French Roast.  Dark, bold, smoky, and oily is what makes this blend a blast from the past.  Your first sip will hit your taste buds like dark chocolate.

El Diablo - Dark Roast

Roasted chestnut-dark with a bold, spicy, and lingering smoky aftertaste. This blend has a popular balance of Italian style creamy depth, taking you back to what put dark roast on the map in Portland years ago.

Espresso Blend - Med/Dark Roast

A mid-to dark roast espresso experience with a crema that will blend perfectly with milk bases.  Roasted just enough to extract a few beads of oils that slowly coat the beans with a subtle sheen . Perfect for your everyday espresso experience.  Whole bean only.

Guatemalan - Medium/light Roast

This single origin Guatemalan is produced in Huehuetenango, one of the country's top-quality regions known for its sweetness, chocolate notes, and balance.  This coffee is roasted to preserve these popular attributes all the way to the cup.

Decaf Colombian - Medium Roast

We are proud to offer the staple origin of Colombia in decaffeinated form.  Balanced with sweetness, body, and aroma, this single origin decaf is a solid decaf coffee experience.

Decaf El Diablo - Dark Roast

A classic dark roasted coffee, full of body, smooth, and buttery - without the caffeine!  Roasted just short of smoky, but dark enough to offer distinction in flavor for the most devilish decaffeinated drinkers.

Front Porch Blend- Medium Roast

Made up of Central and South American coffees with just enough Ethiopian to bring out a berry sweetness, this coffee is an experience that transports you to the relaxation of summertime on the front porch.

Sunday Morning Blend – Light Roast

A perfect pairing with pastries, this light roasted blend has a spicy brightness, caramel, and subtle vanilla flavor notes, and lime-like sweetness. Perfect for the morning wake up and very drinkable even if you elect to just drink coffee for breakfast.

Concord Blend – Medium/Light Roast

An upscale quality blend perfect for drip brewing or a lighter roasted espresso with distinct sweetness and balance. This blend is made from East African, Central and South America beans offering a smooth, buttery, lingering dry fruit and lime taste.

Dad’s House – Light Roast

Dads House is a distinct light roast and Thornton Family Coffee Roasters' signature blend. It's named after Paul Thornton ("Dad") because he has been roasting and brewing a version of this blend his entire life. Extremely well balanced using top quality coffees from East Africa and South America that bring a distinct lime sweetness, cherry fruit, and apricot taste.

Colombia Las Rosas – Light Roast

Grown in La Plata, Huila, Colombia, this high-quality single origin is produced by the women managed Cooperative "Las Rosas." It boasts a distinct apple sweetness, milk chocolate, and dried plum flavor.

Ethiopia Dangura - Light Roast

Top quality Ethiopian coffees are the staple of the upscale specialty coffee industry and many local coffee shops. Experience the phenomenal taste of this light roasted Ethiopian with a flowery aroma, bergamot and honeydew sweetness.