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Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia Coffee is a Portland, Oregon-based roaster that was founded in 2004 by Brazilian native Augusto Carneiro. Augusto has always felt a deep sense of pride for the work his family has done growing coffee in the highlands of Brazil since the 1890s, and he formed Nossa Familia to bring his family's coffee to Portland. Early on, all of Nossa Familia's coffee was imported directly from his family's farms, and today these Brazilian fazendas remain at the core of their direct coffee trade model. Over time Nossa Familia has developed deeply-rooted relationships with coffee growers around the world, bringing you excellent specialty coffees from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, and beyond.


Nossa Familia's vision is to create a coffee company that makes the world a better place. They aim to grow the company responsibly, maximizing contributions to the communities they're a part of while striving to minimize any negative impact on the Earth. They are proud to be Oregon's first Certified B Corp coffee roaster, signifying their commitment to the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit.