Percasso Coffee Service has a full range of bean to cup coffee brewers available for businesses in Portland.  Percasso has been providing customized coffee solutions to offices for over 25 years.  A lot has changed including expectations about how we brew coffee, how we drink coffee, and the roast level of the coffee. We understand this and work very hard to change what quality coffee at work really means.

Keurig and single use pods are out.  Espresso machines, programmable batch brewers, and bean to cup brewers are in. Historically only available for large offices, new compact bean to cup models are becoming a reality for smaller offices of about 25 or so.  Until recently, these automatic machines mostly provided what most people consider vending machine coffee.  Now we are pulling eye popping shots of espresso you would have guessed were pulled by a barista.

We've dialed in the drinks with the help of our friends and partners by tasting and testing hundred of drinks.  We are more than pleased with the results and we are excited to share the results with our current and future clients.

As always, Installation of our equipment is provided at no charge. Our trained technicians will properly install our equipment and ensure it is operating correctly before they leave. They will also answer any questions you might have about the of the equipment. Water filters are installed and replaced on a schedule for the best quality of water for coffee and tea.  Equipment repairs are made in a timely manner to minimize caffeine downtime. If you ever have any questions about the operation of the coffee brewers or you experience a problem, all you have to do is call our Tech Service Department at (503) 460-3861 or email them by clicking here.


Click the images to learn more about our bean to cup coffee brewers or click the button below to get things started.  Welcome to Percasso!