Wilbur Curtis Pour-over
Cafe™ Wilbur Curtis Pour Over Systems…Exceptional Quality Coffee from a Convenient “Place Anywhere” System
The Wilbur Curtis pour over coffee brewer is perfect for offices or construction sites that want to make coffee, but lack a cold water source. These brewers bring exceptional convenience, value and coffee quality never before achieved by pour-over systems. The CAFE line features generous tank capacity, quick recovery heating elements and a large, wide-mouth inlet with an attached flip-open lid. These design elements together with a precisely engineered spray head and brew cone combination allow quick and thorough extraction of quality coffee flavor.
Features That Keep the Coffee Flowing.

The Curtis pour-over has many features which include: a ready to brew light that indicates the water is at the proper brewing temperature, pour-over operation means no plumbing is required, and brews directly into a 2.2 liter (72 ounce) glass-lined air pot. We have also created a recipe for Japanese style iced coffee using the pour-over brewer so you can enjoy a fresh pot of iced coffee at just a moments notice.