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Hair Bender - Medium Roast

Coffee beans from Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia provide the components for a complex, sweet and savory blend.

Holler Mountain - Medium Roast

A blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees.  This is a syrupy, heavy bodied coffee with notes of blackberry, hazelnut, and toffee.  Direct Trade and Organic

French Roast - Dark Roast

Dark chocolate and brown sugar headlines the flavors in this blend of Latin American Coffees, full bodied. Organic

Mandatory Meeting - Dark Roast

The darkest, richest roast available from Stumptown.  Notes of bittersweet chocolate and mint.  Available exclusively to offices.

House Blend - Light Roast

Sweet and supremely balanced Latin American and East African coffee good for drinking any time of the day.  Medium body, floral and nutty in fragrance, ripe fruit and chocolate flavors.  Direct Trade.

Trapper Creek Decaf - Light Roast

Creamy on the palate, this cup is lightly sweet with a medium body. Swiss Water Process.