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Portland House - Medium Roast

Portland Roasting’s version of the classic House Blend is a combination of the sweet and chocolaty Guatemalan, and the tangy fruity Colombian. Paired together, they are balanced and full bodied with notes of brown sugar.

French Roast - Dark Roast

This French Roast has been a customer favorite for nearly twenty years. While it’s changed a lot in that time, this traditional dark-roasted coffee has been steady and consistent. This coffee is remarkably clean with the trademark smokiness that a French Roast is known and loved for.

Costa Rica La Hilda - Light Roast

Portland Roasting has been buying coffee from the La Hilda Estate in Costa Rica almost since the beginning. This delicate presentation with bright notes of tangerine and lemongrass shows why. If you are a fan of light roast coffee, you won't want to miss this one!

Guatemala - Light Roast

As a component in several blends, this offering from Guatemala wears a lot of hats; perhaps the most important one is on its own as a single origin brew, where it displays a smooth body, chocolate flavor and clean finish.

Organic House - Medium Roast

House blends should be balanced affairs, with no one characteristic standing out more than others. The Organic House does just this, balancing mild acidity, medium body, and walnut flavor notes in perfect harmony.

Organic French - Dark Roast

The organic version of this French is quite sweet, with flavor notes reminiscent of molasses. This full-bodied blend is composed of coffees from Honduras, Peru and Mexico.

Mt. Tabor - Medium Roast

Named after one of Portland’s most vibrant neighborhoods - full bodied with mild acidity, mellow notes of smoke, black pepper, and a hint of lemon sweetness. This is similar to a traditional Mocha Java blend containing beans from Ethiopia and Sumatra. Whole bean only.

Tilikum Crossing Decaf - Medium Roast

A full-bodied coffee with notes of graham cracker, caramel, with a clean finish. It’s as distinctive as the bridge it’s named for. It is great as a cup of coffee or a decaf espresso.