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Brew Dr. Kombucha starts with the same great-tasting organic tea blends served at Townshend's Tea-houses. No juices or flavors are added after fermentation, making Brew Dr. a truly organic and 100% raw kombucha with the most naturally occurring probiotics possible.

Brew Dr. Kombucha Kegs are 5 gallons each and require Co2 to dispense. Here are some of our customer favorites, contact us for seasonal flavors and availability.

Clear Mind

A brilliant botanical flavor with notes of rosemary and sage. Each herb in the recipe is noted for its ability to assist in mental clarity and focus.


Healthy and refreshing white tea paired with pink rose petals give this drink a soft, floral finish. Another unique member of the Brew Dr. line.

Lemon Ginger-Cayenne

Potent organic ginger combines with the heat of cayenne pepper in this spicy yet refreshing brew, crafted with green tea and lemongrass.


Jasmine and lavender combine to create a refreshingly floral brew, popular during warmer months. Of course, Love is good anytime of the year.


Approachable to first-time kombucha drinkers, this flavor balances the subtle sweetness of kombucha with the tart flavors of various berries.

Herbal Uplift

This brew is loaded with organic herbs from Townshend’s Apothecary line. An ideal kombucha for maintaining health and wellness.

Mint Lemonade

A light and refreshing kombucha featuring spearmint, peppermint, lemons and green tea. A classic combination, deliciously applied.

Spiced Apple

As close as kombucha can get to apple pie. Cinnamon, clove and nutmeg combine with dried apple to create a uniquely cider-like experience.