Exciting and Exclusive Offerings From Kobos Coffee

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Water Tower Blend

This blend is named for Kobos’ original location in the Water Tower at Johns Landing.  It was carefully crafted to satisfy the most discerning coffee drinker. Beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala and espresso roasted Dark Colombia deliver hints of lemon, notes of hazelnut with a citrus sweetness and a mild earthiness. An exclusive blend available only through Percasso!


Wildwood Blend

Wildwood is a blend of mild Brazilian,Central American, and sprightly Ethiopian beans, which provide overtones of fruity red currant. The result is a smooth, nuanced morning blend easily capable of clearing the sleep from your eyes. An exclusive blend available only through Percasso!


Percasso House

In the mid 1980′s, a prominent Portland chef asked Dave Kobos to develop a special blend for his restaurant. Dave put a light roast together with a regular-roast Central American and some dark-roasted espresso. This coffee is so good, we are offering it as our house coffee.


Dave’s Decaf

Dave's Decaf is a blend of Sumatran and Espresso decafs, this coffee is a classic, smooth, full-bodied and dark-roasted delight.  This is so good, it doesn’t even taste like decaf coffee; a favorite of Dave Kobos.


Would you like to try some new coffee in your office?  We recommend switching your coffees every six months or when the seasons change, and it’s easy to do with samples or a complementary coffee tasting.