Portland Roasting Tour

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Below are some photos that were taken on a recent tour of Portland Roasting’s facilities.  We were able to see the various stages that the coffee goes through, from arrival at the warehouse, all the way to the finished cup that we drink.  During the tour we were shown the green coffee, we saw a collection of rocks and other things that are found in the coffee prior to roasting, and we were lucky enough see a batch of Organic Tanager's Song being roasted.

Burlap bags of green coffee
Green unroasted Coffee beans
Roasted coffee cooling

We were also able to get a look at how the grinding, packaging, staging and shipping of their coffee works, it was quite the impressive operation!  We left the tour with a sample of their Tivoli espresso that we have been testing in our new bean-to cup machine, it’s fantastic as a drip coffee as well as an espresso shot.

Roasting and cooler tray
Coffee Roaster Cooling Tray
Sample roaster

If you haven’t been by Portland Roasting’s Café “Cupping Room Cafe,” you should try to change that as soon as possible.  It’s a quiet, warm café with unique finishes and special touches; think reclaimed wood with portafilter light fixtures and huge windows overlooking the training and cupping room.  There are currently two licensed Portland Roasting locations at the Oregon Convention Center and they will be opening 3 new locations at the airport this summer.   You can find out more details about the various locations here, and of course we can deliver their coffee directly to your office.

Want to serve Portland Roasting coffee to your staff and guests?   Please let us know!