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Beaumont Blend – Light Roast

This blend is a sweet, rich tribute to Ristretto Roasters Coffee original roots in the Beaumont neighborhood.  Robust and straightforward, yet surprisingly complex, it’s full of baker’s chocolate, clove, and dried cherry.  Full bodied with a low acidity.

Cowboy Blend – Light Roast

Named in honor of the Brazilian farmers met during a source trip to Brazil, this blend offers zesty citrus, notes of lemon custard, sweet Muscovado sugar, and macadamia.  A beautifully balanced yet complex blend of coffees.  Medium body with a medium-high acidity.

Startup Blend

This medium/dark roast is roasted exclusively for us!  We worked with Ristretto and came up with what we feel is, an amazing coffee.  This is an approachable blend with tasting notes of Nougat, Graham Cracker, and Fuji Apple.


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