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Bistro Blend – Medium Roast

A beautiful blend of South and Central American coffees with a bit of dark roasted beans thrown in. Coffee lovers throughout Portland have made it one of our most popular coffees.

Vienna Roast – Medium Roast

Roasted until the oils just rise to the surface. This coffee has a distinctly rich body and character. It is a wonderfully versatile coffee – ideal for when you want dark, but not too dark.

Italian Roast – Dark Roast

If you like a high degree of spice with a dark, smooth, charcoal-like flavor that explodes on your tongue, you’ll love this great roast. It’s sharp – even aggressive – with a heavy flavor.

French Roast – Dark Roast

With its dark, bittersweet flavor and spicy overtones, you’ll find this southern European-style coffee makes an excellent complement to chocolate and rich desserts.

Double Dark French Roast – Dark Roast

As dark a coffee as you’re ever likely to experience, roasted to that moment just before the oils escaping from the beans burst into flames. It has a supremely intense smokiness and full body.

Dolce Espresso – Dark Roast

A classic espresso coffee with a robust Indonesian bean added for extra body as well as vibrancy. The result is a sweet and velvety-smooth, dark-roasted blend. Whole bean only.

Percasso House – Medium Roast

Three beans in three different roasts: a very light roast, a regular roast Central American and some dark roasted espresso. The result is a unique aroma and flavor. Think vanilla and chocolate chip cookies!

Water Tower Blend – Medium Roast

Named after Kobos’s original location in the Water Tower at Johns Landing. Beans from Africa, Central America and South America deliver hints of lemon, notes of hazelnut and a mild earthiness.

Wildwood Blend – Medium Roast

Mild South American beans with notes of caramel are blended with sprightly Ethiopian beans, which provide overtones of fruity red currant for a nuanced morning blend easily capable of clearing the sleep from your eyes.

Sumatran Mandheling – Medium Roast

The key to selecting a great Sumatran coffee is finding just the right balance between its unique earthy flavor, its spicy aroma, and its low-acid, syrupy body. This Mandheling is one of the greats.

Guatemalan Estate – Medium Roast

This Guatemalan coffee comes from the Nueva Amenia Estate, with notes of a mild nuttiness reminiscent of hazelnuts and a citrusy sweetness that really brightens it up.

Dark Colombian Decaf – Dark Roast

This decaf is roasted until oils just rise to the surface, the equivalent of a Vienna Roast. The result has an outstanding body, acidity and aroma. And you’ll find a wonderful spiciness in the cup.

Dave’s Decaf – Medium Roast

A blend of Sumatra and Espresso, this is a classic, smooth, full-bodied, dark roasted delight. It’s Dave Kobos’ favorite decaf coffee!


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